Esatblished in 1977,Rajkot Insurance Institue has always endeavoured to cater to various needs of Technical Examination Aspirants of both LIC & GIC. We provide all support,guidance & help to candiadtes like providing memebership and exam forms,study-material,exam time tables,arrangement of exams etc.

As a step forward in the service to our members/candidates,we have launched this web-site to provide all-under-one-roof!! Here,you would find question-papers & forms to download,exam time tables,results and all on-going activities of Rajkot Insurance Institue.

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Calendar of Important Dates
General Information
Insurance Institute of India
1 General Regulations
2 Professional Examinations
3 Surveyors Pre-Licensing Examination
4 Diploma – Associateship & Fellowship
5 On-line Registration
6 On-line Payment
7 Exemption in professional examinations
8 Essay Writing Competition
9 Structure of Qualifying Examinations
10 Transitional arrangement
11 Specialized Diploma
12 Price List of Study Courses/ e-Learning Courses
13 Syllabus
14 Table of Fees
15 Examination timetable
16 List of Examination Centers, Employer & Qualification code list
17 Prize Scheme
18 Cross recognition of Institute qualifications
19 Contact details of the Institute
20 List of Associated Institutes
21 List of Accredited Learning Centres
22 Language Table