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Esatblished in 1977,Rajkot Insurance Institue has always endeavoured to cater to various needs of Technical Examination Aspirants of both LIC & GIC. We provide all support,guidance & help to candiadtes like providing memebership and exam forms,study-material,exam time tables,arrangement of exams etc.

As a step forward in the service to our members/candidates,we have launched this web-site to provide all-under-one-roof!! Here,you would find question-papers & forms to download,exam time tables,results and all on-going activities of Rajkot Insurance Institue.

pre licending test for insurance surveyors.

  • The IRDA has authorized the Institute to conduct Pre-licensing test for Insurance Surveyors, as required by the IRDA regulations.
  • Detailed information regarding eligibility, syllabus, enrolment, examination fees, dates, etc., is posted in the Institute’s website as well as in the IRDA’s website www.irda.gov.in
  • This examination will be conducted along with the other examinations of the Institute twice a year in India.

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